Open for Business: Cambridge business gets creative to serve community

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – “It’s all about support local and we’ve always been that,” said Ricky Travers, owner at the Simmons Center Market in Cambridge.

“We buy as much local as we possibly can and try to buy local produce,” said Travers.

Ricky Travers says he is doing everything in his power to keep his business going amid the coronavirus pandemic, which means buying from local suppliers to keep his shelves filled back up fast and help meet the needs of the community.

“So, we’re here to use any of the available local services that we can to get through this to not only help them but help us supply our customers,” said Travers.

And for customers at the Simmons Center Market, that means more opportunities to buy critical items like meat and bread that are often currently hard to find at most supermarkets.

“There’s no bread anywhere and if you come here, he has fresh bread here,” said Edwina Kimball, a Dorchester County resident, “He keeps the shelves stocked.”

“We have them, we have plenty in stock and I’ve got shipments that come in daily,” said Travers.

Travers tells us in order to keep customers healthy he has also pushed for curbside pick up, delivery and even a couple of handwashing stations outside his store for the community.

“They go beyond for anyone in the community and they’re trying to make us feel safe when we come in here,” said Kimball.

“They don’t have to come in the store,” said Travers, “They don’t have to make any contact, so it’s minimal contact and be safe and be cautious.”

And while this business is focused on staying alive we are told right now it is all about serving the community in these difficult times.

“It’s about, have I been able to do what I’m supposed to do,” said Travers.

“God’s given me the ability to find the resources and can I use them to take care of his people.”

We are told the Simmons Center Market is partnering with local businesses like Nice Farms Creamery in Federalsburg and Black Water Bakery in Cambridge to help support each other during the pandemic.

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