Maryland school districts making plans for school closures

MARYLAND–Maryland public schools are taking action after Governor Larry Hogan ordered a two week closure in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We went into planning mode and into communication mode with our staff, with our community, about what we are doing,” Dr. John Gaddis, Somerset County Superintendent, said.

Thursday night all 24 Maryland superintendents, including Somerset County’s Dr. Gaddis, had a conference call with the State Superintendent of schools to address some of their questions.

“One of the biggest questions- do we have to make the days up? That’s a complex questions because we’re assuming we are going to be out for ten days, however what if its longer,” Dr. Gaddis said.

Dr. Gaddis said there were not many questions answered during that call, as it’s so early on.

So in the meantime, they’re focused on continuing important services for students.

“It’s a lot on us to be able to provide what services we can, one thing I know we can control is feeding,  we got a plan set up, we estimate we’re going to need to make 3,000 meals,” Dr. Gaddis said.

The Principal of Pocomoke High School said like Somerset schools they too have a plan in place to feed their students.

“We have a school bank, Pocomoke Middle School has a food bank, Pocomoke Elementary has a food bank, so the three principal schools are going to be coordinating to make sure that meals and food and canned food are going out to students and families,” Jenifer Rayne, Pocomoke High School Principal, said.

When it comes to getting questions answered, such as if schools will have to make up for the lost time, we’re told they are in constant communication with state leaders.

“We are going to have regular conference calls a couple times a week, if not daily, with the State Superintendent to find out as we go how we’re going to address this problem,” Gaddis said.

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