Maryland Food Bank experiences volunteer shortage amid coronavirus outbreak

SALISBURY, Md. – As the coronavirus pandemic grows the Maryland Food Bank says they are seeing fewer and fewer volunteers, which could impact services.

The Maryland Food Bank tells 47ABC many of their volunteers like senior citizens and people with disabilities are at higher risk of getting sick and that means they will have to stay home.

But the organization desperately needs to continue to hand out food to those in need including families who have lost their jobs during the outbreak.

They have also have taken necessary steps such as separating smaller groups that will help keep their volunteers healthy.

“Volunteers help us to do work that while our drivers are out on the road we don’t have the staffing and capabilities to do that, so to be able to sort through products, make sure it’s safe to get boxed, make sure that it’s able to go out quickly, we need volunteers to be able to do that work,” said the Regional Program Director of the Maryland Food Bank of the Eastern Shore, Jennifer Small.

According to Small, the Maryland Food Bank is also working with other organizations to hold food distribution events on a much smaller scale.

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