HALO in desperate need of bagged lunches

SALISBURY, Md. – HALO Shelter in Salisbury is begging for the public’s help as they adjust their meal service amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

The shelter usually serves dozens of meals every single day, but with new suggestions that no more than ten people should be in a space together, the shelter is changing the way they do things.

Now, instead of hosting people in their dining hall, the shelter will hand out brown bagged lunches to those who need them and they can eat them outside. But the shelter needs your help, by donating brown bagged lunches.

Representatives from the shelter tell 47 ABC that they’ll help you through the process as you help others.

“If they call us then we’ll tell them what goes in there and what other options we might have if they’re concerned, but what a great opportunity for the community to come together, and collaborate and help the most vulnerable people in our community,” David Burrier, with the shelter, said.

Anyone interested in donating lunches can contact the shelter at 410-742-9356.


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