‘Do More 24’ campaign supports non-profits across Sussex County

GEORGETOWN, Del. – “We’re not in competition with each other, we’re just having a lot of fun trying to raise each other up so we can all pay our bills,” said The Shepherd’s Office founder, Jim Martin.

Since the start of the Do More 24 campaign, donations have been flooding into different non-profit organizations across Delaware and Sussex counties who provide critical services to their communities.

“I’m taking care of people that have no money so I can’t really charge them money so I give everything out for free,” said Martin.

“We serve the population of adults and children with disabilities as well as veterans,” said Director of Marketing and Events for Southern Delaware Therapeutic Riding Inc., Jen Swingle.

Each organization touching the lives of thousands of people and looking for nothing in return. But during Delaware’s Do More 24 Campaign, it gives those the opportunity to say thank you with a monetary donation that many say goes a long way.

“I still have to pay my bills and I still have to have some revenue coming in so I can deal with just basic stuff like rent, electricity, water,” said Martin.

Swingle tells 47 ABC the money donated from the campaign will help to continue to enhance the experience for riders with physical and emotional disabilities.

“Those of our riders that are in wheelchairs who don’t walk, they can get on a horse and feel like they have the movement of walking. The money would definitely go towards either the continued renovations To make this as handicap accessible as possible or towards our operating costs,” said Swingle.

And what’s makes the day even sweeter? All donations made to non-profits during the campaign will be matched on a pro-rated basis.

“You just give them a little something of your love there and then that love can turn into more love by the bigger companies at the end of the day,” said Martin.

But no matter if it’s $5 or $50, many non-profits say every cent counts and will make a lasting impact.

“There’s a lot of organizations out there that need money and so we’re just thankful for every dollar that comes to us,” said Swingle.



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