Day 2 of 2nd Annual Health, Fitness & Leisure Expo

LEWES, Del. – Sunday marked the final day of Delaware Resorts Expos 2020 Health, Fitness & Leisure Expo at Cape Henlopen High School.

Over 70 businesses from across the region provided information about health, fitness, wellness and more during the weekend event.

People got the chance to meet with these different businesses and learn more about what their community has to offer.

Beebe Healthcare also provided free health screenings for blood pressure, bone density, cholesterol and memory testing.

We are told events like this one are critical for both area residents and businesses.

“The visitors can gain a lot of information without having to schedule an appointment with a doctor or a chiropractor or a physical therapy company and they can meet one and one and get a feel for the business and decide who’d they like to do business with,” said Kathleen Benson, the director of Delaware Resorts Expos.

Benson says a portion of proceeds collected at the event will go towards Mason’s Mobility Mission a local nonprofit that supports people in the community with physical or mobility challenges.

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