Coronavirus taking a toll on expecting mothers

SALISBURY, Md. – As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep the nation, one group is being forced to adjust to a new normal: pregnant women.

“I mean it’s a little bit scary because nobody has ever dealt with this before, and with this being our first baby, we don’t really know what we’re doing,” Lauren Bossert, one expecting mom said.

Now, she and other women are adjusting.

“My last doctor’s appointment, I had scheduled so that Brandon, my husband, could come to it, and he was not able to come to this appointment, and in the foreseeable future he won’t be able to come to appointments,” Bossert said.

Bossert, who is due in September, says social distancing from her own family, who lives two hours away, has left her feeling isolated during her pregnancy.

“If you’re not seeing them in person, you’re not talking to them about it as much, so I haven’t talked to them too much about it really, whereas normally I probably would be talking to them more about it,” she said.

In an effort to slow the spread of the virus, some local hospitals will no longer allow guests to visit women, or their newborn babies, in the hospital.  Brittany Spear, who is due in less than a month, says that takes away a big moment for her own mother.

“My mom, we’re so close, and I’m like, oh my gosh, this is her first biological grandchild, she’s not going to be able to see her being born,” she said.

But even with a lot of unknowns and a lot of adjustments, Brittany says all she can do now is prepare for a healthy, happy baby.

“I feel like you don’t really have a choice, you know? You either stay positive about it, or you kind of get in your head, and that’s not good,” she said.

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