Coastal Hospice taking precautions for coronavirus

SALISBURY, Md.- A Salisbury health care provider is working hard to notify its visitors, caregivers, and patients that they are working hard to prepare for the coronavirus.

Coastal Hospice said that they are actively following the Center for Disease Control protocols.

They told us that they are educating people about the standard precautions of hand washing and avoiding close contact with others.

Along with that, they are screening visitors and asking them if they have traveled recently, if they have signs of a respiratory infection, and if they have had contact with someone who may have coronavirus.

“What we started doing is screening the families when they’re coming on to service that starts with a telephone call by our admissions department,” Stacy Cottingham, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives at Coastal Hospice, said. “After that for the patients that are already on service we’re asking them before we go visit them. We’re documenting it into our committee system so that everybody knows where our status remains.”

47ABC was told the patients at hospice centers are already vulnerable, so taking precautions isn’t just important, it’s necessary.

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