Bringing awareness to kidney disease during National Kidney Month

SALISBURY, Md. — It’s National Kidney Month, and here at 47 ABC, we are bringing  awareness to kidneys, their functions and how to keep them healthy.

Kicking off the first week of the month, renal pharmacist, Dae Yim, from Peninsula Regional Medical Center, joined our very, Erica Murphy to inform those on Delmarva about kidney disease.

Yim says that statistics show one in three Americans are at risk of kidney disease, with diabetes, hypertension and family history being some of the major risk factors. He says early detection is the best way to prevent yourself from getting kidney disease. In addition, he says a simple urine or blood test can easily detect if you have kidney disease.

Yim also says that the primary function of the kidneys are to eliminate toxins from our body. In other words, whatever you eat, drink , or consume will get filtered through the kidneys. Above all, he says humans should stay hydrated and exercise regularly to keep the risk of getting kidney disease low.

One tip Yim says to keep in mind, is to stay away or limit your consumption of cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and certain medicines. For instance, Aspirin, Advil, and Motrin will put one at greater risk of getting kidney disease. He says to take Tylenol before taking any of the other NSAIDS.

For more information on kidney disease prevention, you can visit the Maryland Kidney Foundation’s website at


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