Blood Bank of Delmarva in need of donations amidst Coronavirus outbreak

SALISBURY, Md. – The Blood Bank of Delmarva is urging healthy and able people to donate blood as they say the national Coronavirus outbreak is starting to impact them.

The Blood Bank says they’ve been really impacted because about forty percent of their donations come from bloods drives and community events. But since schools and organizations are limiting public events due to the virus, those blood drives are being cancelled.

So while no confirmed case of the Coronavirus has hit the Eastern Shore, Blood Bank officials say their supply is still impacted.

“We are starting to get a little nervous in realizing that this is having a real effect on us, and this phenomenon sweeping the nation is now a local issue,” Tony Prado with the Blood Bank said.

If you want to donate blood, the Blood Bank encourages you to reach out to them or visit their website.

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