Activists trying to overturn conviction of former Pocomoke Police Chief

MARYLAND – Four amicus briefs were recently filed on behalf of former Pocomoke Police Chief Kelvin Sewell’s appeal case, seeking to overturn a 2019 guilty conviction.

In that case, Sewell was convicted of criminal misconduct for interfering with a traffic incident by filing a hit and run DUI as an accident. Amicus briefs are filed to advise the courts of relevant or additional information and the four in this matter detail the alleged history, biased prosecution, prosecutorial misconduct and witness intimidation that the parties claim happened in this case. In one of the briefs, the parties allege that the office of the state prosecutor launched a campaign against Sewell to dig up anything they could find as misconduct.

“We’re trying to get the appeals court to really look at those charges and the process that was done to charge Chief Sewell. Once they look at it, they will see it was not done the proper way and he was not given due process. We’re hoping they will overturn everything,” says Pastor Ronnie White with Citizens for a Better Pocomoke.

Sewell was originally found guilty of misconduct in 2016. However, that decision was then overturned in the court of special appeals. The case was then retried in 2019 where Sewell was again found guilty. Sewell is appealing that decision.

47 ABC also reached out to the Maryland Attorney General’s office for comment who said, “Our office does not comment on ongoing litigation.”

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