Storm wreaks havoc on Delaware, leaves downed trees on homes

SUSSEX COUNTY, Del. – Homeowners across the state of Delaware are cleaning up the damage left behind by Friday’s storm, wires down, flooding, and trees down on homes.

“My wife said ‘oh there’s a tornado or something, we’ve got to go down to the basement,'” Mark Chapman, a homeowner in Seaford, said.

It wasn’t quite a tornado, but when Mark Chapman and his wife looked out their window, they saw a massive tree had fallen on their home.

“The wind was blowing, and we came down and we were on our way to the basement and we saw that the tree was down,” Chapman said.

And the Chapmans weren’t the only ones with trees down on Friday.

“I was sitting in my living room, right there watching TV, and then was kicking up all morning, but it got really strong, then I heard a crack and a boom,” Butch Voley, a homeowner in Dagsboro, said.

All across the First State, fire departments responded to dozens of wind damage calls.  The Seaford Fire Department says their work didn’t stop all morning.

“In all total we probably responded to six emergencies,” Jack Wilson, Chief of the Seaford Fire Department, said. “[It was] probably within an hour or so, they all hit right back to back to back for us.”

With all the destruction left in it’s path, this storm was gone as soon as it came.

“As soon as it started up, 10 minutes later it stopped raining and wind stopped blowing but for twenty minutes it was going,” Chapman said.

With some damage still lingering, first responders are reminding everyone to stay safe.

“If there’s electric wires down, absolutely don’t go around them because as soon as you get close to them or think that you’re going to do something good and try to move them, electric shock can kill you in a heartbeat or put you in cardiac arrest,” Chief Wilson said.

And despite the damage to his home, Chapman says he’s thankful everyone is okay.

“Very lucky I think, considering,” Chapman said.

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