Snakes and lizards steal the show at Repticon


SALISBURY, Md. – Snakes, lizards, and spiders, oh my! That’s what you can see in Salisbury this weekend at Repticon, an event dedicated to slithery, slimy friends.

“How I describe Repticon is, we are basically a gun show only with snakes and lizards,” David Perlich, an organizer with Repticon, said.

And there were plenty of snakes and lizards inside the Wicomico Youth and Civic Center on Saturday. If you’re at all curious about snakes, lizards, or even spiders, this was the place to be.

“They can see them they can hold them, depending on the vendor, they can purchase them, they can also find out all the information that they want to know about it,” Perlich said.

If you’re a bit skeptical about these slithery animals, vendors at the show say coming out and holding a snake just might change your mind.

“We have people that have been scared of snakes their whole life, and they come up, hold it, play with it, and they’re in love, they end up going home with one,” Joshua Glenn, owner of Bodacious Balls and Reptiles, said.

But even if you have no interest in taking a new pet home, vendors at Repticon say even coming out and learning about new animals can be a good time.

“It’s good to educate people, you know people come to these things and they get to see things they’ve never seen before, they get to see animals they would never see if they didn’t come to a reptile show,” Brian Heubish, CEO of Geck Obsessed, said.

And that, for them, watching people’s faces light up while holding a new animal is what’s it’s all about.

“Who can beat that? You see a smile on a kid’s face when he’s never touched an animal at all, and all of a sudden he’s holding a $2,000 lizard, it’s blowing his mind,” Heubish said.

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