Princess Anne’s multi-million dollar affordable housing gets green light

PRINCESS ANNE, Md. – A multi-million dollar apartment complex is being built in Somerset County but it’s not what it sounds like. That’s because the vast majority of it is actually affordable housing, something the area desperately needs.

“Affordable housing right now is at a crisis level,” says Molly Hilligoss with Wicomico County’s Habitat for Humanity.

Princess Anne is located in Maryland’s poorest county so residents take notice when affordable housing, like the Reserve at Somerset Commons, comes along.

“If individuals don’t have to worry about housing, that helps them with being able to commute to a job or find a job,” says Garland Hayward, the President of Princess Anne’s Town Commission.

The first 75 units at the complex opened in 2016 but Enterprise Community Development just received the green light to build another 54 units, a 14-million dollar project.

“These types of housing are important for the citizens because they are fairly new and they come hopefully repair free. You don’t have to worry about making a lot of repairs,” says Hayward.

Almost 90 percent of the new units will be available to families earning between 30 and 60 percent of Area Median Income. “If someone is earning minimum wage or a little above that then they could qualify for those apartments. It’s really incredible,” says Hilligoss.

Officials say most Princess Anne residents commute outside of town to earn a living so they’re hoping these new income-based housing opportunities help spur even more growth in their town.

“Hopefully and in the future we can attract industries we can attract businesses to the town, to Somerset County, so that people can stay here and work that’s our goal. That’s one of our goals,” says Hayward.

The new units will have between one and four bedrooms with a focus on energy efficiency which means monthly bills like electricity should be affordable as well. The project should be complete this fall.

If you’re in the market for a new place to live, housing experts recommend you start planning now. They recommend you start assessing your credit score as well as any previous issues with landlords so you have the best chance at being approved.

Click here to learn more about the Reserve at Somerset Commons.

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