New approach for Ash Wednesday

SALISBURY, Md.- Ash Wednesday kicked off, and to get more people to participate a Salisbury church took to the streets to give out ashes.

Members of the St. Peter’s Episcopal Church went to Salisbury University, the courthouse, the library, and Wor-Wic Community College, along with different parishes Wednesday to hand out those ashes.

The church said they did this to reach out to more people.

They said they realized that people may be too busy to get ashes the traditional way, so they figured this could be a way to solve that problem.

“This was a way for us to say that God can’t be confined to a church building,  and to be in the midst of our busyness of our every normal day and make an offering of ashes for those who are interested,” Rev. Adele Hatfield, from St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, said.

Members of the church told us that they plan to do this again next year, but they hope that they will have even more teams out to help with the effort.

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