Millsboro shares PRMC’s proposal for new health campus

MILLSBORO, Del. – The town of Millsboro announced Peninsula Regional Health System (PRHS), the overarching organization for Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC), may be building a new health campus in the area.

Sheldon Hudson, Millsboro’s Town Manager, says the Salisbury based hospital is looking to expand and support the area’s growing population. Right now, officials are looking at annexing a piece of land along Route 113 to build an ambulatory campus. That proposal may include services that support acute care or hospital care, from medical offices to labs to imaging. Hudson says the town is excited about the possibility and what it may mean for residents.

“I think a lot of residents have grown a little weary of having to drive to the beach or drive further inland for health care. So if they can do that in Millsboro that can actually have a Positive impact on traffic because all of a sudden people aren’t driving across Route 24 to Lewes for example or down 113 they are staying right in town,” says Hudson.

Hudson also says this could be a big economic boost for Millsboro, “We’re also excited about the high quality jobs that this will bring and we can assume above average wages. So that in turn brings more business for our retailers our restaurants in the town.”

This plan is still in its early stages but 47 ABC will continue to follow this and update you as more information is released.

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