Human skeletal remains spark investigation

FEDERALSBURG, md. —  Police are still searching for answers here in Federalsburg after human remains were found at the Idylwild State Wildlife Management Area– An area that’s only accessible by foot.

On Sunday afternoon – State Troopers received a 911 call from a hunter – who found human bones here – at the Idylwild State Wildlife Management Area in Federalsburg.

“At that point we called in our crime scene technicians, they processed the scene, they gathered as much evidence as they could, there was some clothing at the scene as well, no identification unfortunately was found in the clothing or anywhere near the area,” says Elena Russo, Spokesperson for the Maryland State Police.

The bones were found in the middle of the woods — and judging by the condition of the remains–officials say the body had to have been here for quite some time.

Upon the arrival of the investigators It was evident that this human body had been decomposed so badly that they weren’t able to tell the gender of the race of the individual,” continued Russo.

Now, State police are left with countless questions,  like how the body even got here; and they’re hoping the public may help them get answers.

“We’re not really sure why this individual would have been in the vicinity so that’s why we’re really looking, not just through the medical examiners office for information they will be able to gather with their analysis but also for anybody who may have relevant information about somebody who may have been missing,” says Russo.

As we’re told, officials are still getting information about what happened in this incident but as of now they don’t expect an immediate threat to the public.

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