Fundraising event supports Caroline County Public Library

DENTON, Md. – In Caroline County, families from across the region came together to help raise thousands of dollars for their public libraries.

The fundraiser took place at the Caroline County Public Library in Denton.

The annual event gave people of all ages a chance to test out their miniature golfing skills with all sorts of different obstacle courses.

Organizers tell us this is the largest fundraiser for the central library in Denton and the Federalsburg branch and Greensboro branch.

They say events like this one are critical for their programs.

“All the branches could use some help because it is not, the Caroline County budget, with the county only having around 35,000 people in the entire county it really is strained,” said Dr. Joe McCarthy, the event organizer.

“So, we do whatever we can to help raise money to help the library,” said McCarthy.

Organizers say this event helps generate around 8,000 dollars to support the different public libraries across Caroline County.

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