Former DSU employee sentenced for bribery

WILMINGTON, Del. – A former Associate Registrar at Delaware State University was sentenced to 15 months behind bars on Thursday, after pleading guilty to bribery.

According to court documents, between 2013 and 2017, Crystal Martin accepted bribes from co-defendant Stephen Williams to change the registration status of hundreds of out-of-state students, allowing them to qualify for in-state tuition. Martin used forged residency documents to allow these students to pay reduced tuition, despite knowing that these students should be paying the higher rate for out-of-state students. The out-of-state students paid Williams for this fradulent service, who in turn paid Martin, allowing her to personally collect thousands of dollars in bribe payments.

We’re told Delaware State University lost more than $3 million as a result of these reduced tuition payments over the course of four years.

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