First ever Fire and Ice Festival kicks off in Easton

EASTON, Md. – Fire, ice, and a lot more, that’s what you can find in Easton this weekend for the first ever fire and ice festival where there will be tons of music, activities, and, of course, ice.

But getting ready for this festival, and the dozens of ice sculptures, like dogs, boats, rockets, and more, takes a lot of work.

“The preparation for this is crazy, we started carving the sculptures about three weeks ago,” Jacob Saborito, with Ice Lab, said.

For three weeks, the small group of men at the Ice Lab have been carving non stop. The five-man team worked around the clock to get ice blocks ready for you to see. And that’s no small feat.

“Each block is 40 inches tall, 20 inches wide and about 10 inches thick, so they roughly weigh about 300 pounds before we cut them all clean” Saborito said.

All of their hard work will be shown off at the first ever Fire and Ice Festival in Easton. It’s a festival that, organizers hope brings big crowds.

“This is the time of year that slow for all businesses on the Eastern shore, and so we were trying to figure out something that would bring people into town, primarily free for families to enjoy,” Ross Benincasa, Executive Director of Discover Easton, said.

And the Ice Lab says they couldn’t wait to be a part of the festival.

“Being able to see the finalized sculptures is amazing, it’s more amazing being able to see the peoples faces that actually have never been able to see ice sculptures before, that’s the best part of it,” Saborito said.

And while a lot of work goes into the works of art, the finished product is short lived.

“Sunday they’re actually going to have a break party where people are going to come and watch us destroy all these,” Saborito said.

And so we asked the professionals if destroying the ice meant just melting it down. But, it turns out, the break party is much more intense.

“We’ll actually be taking the sculptures and smashing them on the ground and people are actually going to gather and watch us destroy them,” Saborito said.

Whether you want to see ice sculpted, see ice smashed, or anything else Easton has to offer, organizers of the festival say Easton is the place to be this weekend.

“It’s all unique, there’s nothing else like this on Maryland Eastern shore, it’s a totally unique time, it’s almost completely free,” Benincasa said.

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