Feedback needed for Somerset Co. academic calendar

SOMERSET COUNTY, Md.– The Somerset County Board of Education is asking for feedback on three different calendars for the upcoming school year.

Each calendar draft has a pre-Labor Day start date of Aug. 31.

However each one has different end dates,  one at June 15, one at June 9, and one at June 8.

Parents are asked to review the calendar drafts and take an online survey.

As of right now, most of the people who have provided feedback on the calendars are teachers, but superintendent Dr. John Gaddis said that’s not enough.

“It’s vitally important because again when 75 percent of the if not more of the responses come from staff, we’re here for students and parents,” Dr. John Gaddis, Superintendent of Somerset Co. Schools, said.

If you want to see the calendar drafts,  you can visit

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