EXCLUSIVE: Mom speaks out after autistic son assaulted at Washington High

PRINCESS ANNE, Md. – “Put yourself in that spot and see how you feel. If that was your child, and it happened to you,” said a parent who did not want to be identified.

It’s a heartbreaking video that’s tough for many parents to watch.

“It’s really uncalled for. It doesn’t make any sense,” they said.

A video, that’s since gone viral, of an autistic student getting punched repeatedly by another student at Washington High School on Wednesday. While others stood and watched. Some, even laughing. One parent 47 ABC spoke with agreed to speak with us but wanted to remain anonymous because they didn’t want any backlash from the school.

“For a child to be assaulted like that, it’s not right. And then you’re going to record it and laugh,” they said.

The victim’s mother, who we’re only identifying as Saleeta to protect her son’s identity, says she found out what happened to her son in the most upsetting way.

“I did not find out the extent of the situation until the video surfaced and started circulating around,” said Saleeta.

She tells 47 ABC this isn’t the first time that she’s had to deal with her children, all three who have disabilities, having problems with other students. But she says what upsets her the most, was the alleged lack of communication she received from the high school.

“I don’t care if my child went to school and they tripped over a shoelace. I want that call. It’s really just that simple, communication,” said Saleeta.

In a statement from the Somerset County Board of Education regarding the incident they say, “The administration was alerted immediately and the students involved have been disciplined per our Board Discipline Policy. Appropriate legal charges have also been filed.”

“On behalf of my son I am happy. But of course, it’s a little bittersweet being a mom and having someone else’s family go through, or seeing their child about to go through the legal system,” said Saleeta.

But moving forward, many parents tell 47 ABC that something has to change to ensure their children are protected at all costs.

“We have to teach our kids the right thing. We have to be there for them no matter what.”

As far as the incident goes, Somerset County Public School officials tell 47 ABC that the incident was premeditated and that they are unable to give any other information about the students involved due to privacy protection laws. The victim’s mother adds that her son is still upset about what happened but will be okay moving forward.





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