Downtown construction, tree removal making businesses want out

SALISBURY, Md. – If you’ve taken a walk down the plaza in Salisbury lately, you may have noticed some changes, most notably, missing trees.

Most of the trees on the plaza have been cut down and removed as part of the ongoing construction in Downtown Salisbury.

Now, businesses on the plaza are reacting.

The owner of Barefoot Baby Dreams, Martha Ogburn, says the removal of the trees and the construction has made her want to leave.

“I am going to leave this location, I’m looking and have a couple of things in the works, but I mean it’s not just the trees, it’s having to deal with jackhammers 24/7, I just can’t deal with that,” Ogburn said.

Mayor Jake Day says once construction on the plaza is finished, there will be three times as many trees as there are now. But Ogburn says that doesn’t help her, because she says she likely won’t be around by the time the trees are grown.

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