Black History Month: U.S. Colored Troops in the Civil War

Thousands of black men, both free and enslaved served in the Civil War.

Dr. Clara Small, professor emeritus of African American History at Salisbury University has spent many year researching the topic.

Small has found well over 600 black men from Talbot, Somerset and Worcester County that served in the Union Army.

She says Maryland never met is quota for the amount of men the state was supposed to send to serve, so the army started offering slaves owners a monetary incentive.

Slave owners in the state were paid $300 per male slave, if they could prove they were loyal to the union.

Small says the men weren’t treated very well and often weren’t paid as much as their white counterparts, but they served bravely.

Some of those men ended up coming back to the area after the war and created a town just outside of Easton called Unionville.

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