Confidence concerns raised during Police internal investigation

SALISBURY, Md. – Public Trust in the Salisbury Police Department is slipping.  This comes after the most recent news that three officers are being internally investigated for concealing evidence in a 2011 case.

“It shocks you, cause you don’t expect the people that are supposed to be the good guys doing stuff like that but I mean it happens all the time,” said Drew Borland.

Also, this week the State Office of the Public Defender commented on another going on at department into alleged theft in their evidence room, saying that, “They were concerned about the integrity of evidence held by the (Salisbury) Police Department and its impact on convictions.”

Despite this news, Wednesday at a press conference Chief Barbara Duncan said that she wouldn’t characterize any alleged actions by particular individuals as black eyes on the department.

“We are larger than the event of or the issue surrounding one particular person. We are a huge agency that provides excellent policing services every single day.” Duncan said.

When asked if she thinks the trust has been shaken in the Salisbury Police Department, Chief Duncan said, “I would not say that at all.”

Those we spoke though say otherwise. Many pointed out that despite any prior good work the department has done with the community, the alleged actions of a few are enough to tarnish the department’s name and damage trust.

“As I said, if you have a few bad apples in a bunch, then that makes everybody look bad,” said Janet Lee.

During the press conference, Duncan said they requested through the state’s attorney’s office that contact be made to the assistant United States attorney to initiate a federal review of the investigation.

She also added this message to the public saying they “need to know that in the event that our officers conduct is found to be outside of the code of conduct then that will be met with the necessary disciplinary action.”

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