Walston Switch Road closing to accommodate airport expansion

WICOMICO CO., Md. – Officials are planning to permanently close a part of Walston Switch Road to accommodate the runway expansion at the airport.

The focus is on the part of Walston Switch that’s between Airport Road and Mount Hermon Road. County Executive Bob Culver says he thinks the road will be closed to the public within the next 30 days. Culver tells 47 ABC, this is is all happening so that the airport’s runway can be extended by more than 1000 feet which would allow larger planes to fly in.

“What we are looking at now, more than anything, is a runway expansion. The runway expansion we are at 6,400 feet and we have been approved to go to 7,800 feet. That’s what Piedmont needs for those jets so that they can load full loaded jets and go to Charlotte and back on one tank of fuel,” says Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver.

The runway is estimated to cost 16 to 17 million dollars. The County will come up with part of that money and the FAA will come up with the other part. Then, the FAA will reimburse the County over a ten year period. Officials also hope an industrial park near the airport will help manufacturers ship items out of Salisbury using airplanes.

Officials say residents in neighborhoods on Walston Switch, between Airport Road and Mount Hermon Road, will still be able to get to their homes using Mount Hermon Road.

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