Trial for man accused of Easter murder begins

SALISBURY, Md. – The man accused of shooting and killing his estranged wife, Erica Gould, on Easter back in 2018 was in court Monday for the first day of his murder trial. Jameal Gould is facing a number of charges including 1st-degree murder, and a possible life sentence if he’s found guilty. The trial began with a chilling 9-1-1 call and a heartbreaking testimony from Erica’s 9-year-old son recounting the exact moments he found his mother on the roof lying in a pool of blood. On those 9-1-1 calls, you could hear Erica’s sister screaming, “He shot her, he shot her,” over and over again. The victim’s 9-year-old son then picks up the phone and tells dispatchers quote my mom is dead. Further testimony from the victim’s sister revealed that Erica and her three children came home from church to find Gould sitting in the victim’s kitchen. She testified that Gould and the victim got into a verbal altercation, and that’s when Gould allegedly pulled out a gun and attempted to shoot Erica. But the gun Jammed. That’s when the victim reportedly tried to escape running upstairs to her bedroom and attempted to climb out her window on to the roof. According to investigators, the victim was shot twice. Once in the hand, and then in the back of the head. Evidence shown Monday also included the blood-stained dress Erica was wearing when she was shot, followed by more testimony from witnesses describing the horrific scene. During all the testimony, even the most emotional parts, Gould looked unbothered by what was being said and shown. As far as Gould’s defense goes, they’ve been pretty limited in what they’ve said.  They even decided not to give an opening argument stating what their defense would be, and they haven’t really gone after any witnesses during cross-examination. Day two of the trial is expected to start Tuesday at 9 AM. Gould is also facing attempted murder and assault charges. Witnesses that are expected to take the stand tomorrow include Gould’s ex-girlfriend and a medical examiner.

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