Town may be one step closer to selling its water plant

FRANKFORD, Del. – Town officials in Frankford may be one step closer to selling their water plant after struggling for years to keep up with operational costs.

“The town is, it’s going to be very hard or difficult for us to get the water system to get to be a decent water system,” said Greg Welch, the town council vice president.

Town officials say they have spent thousands of dollars to try to improve a dysfunctional system that constantly needs repairs.

“We have every now and then our water tower spills out a lot of water because of simple communication problem between the well and the shut off,” said Welch.

To help, the town is considering Artesian Water Company’s offer of more than 3 million dollars to buy the water plant.

With this move they are hoping some of their major water quality problems will be improved.

“Over the past two years, I guess, the biggest thing is the bill has gone up, a couple times,” said Chris Aisquith, a Frankford resident.

“I’ve also had issues with colored water, yellowish water and we’ve had tidewater come out and flush the lines,” said Aisquith.

Some residents also tell 47 ABC that the water bills they pay for are too high for the quality of water they are getting and they hope that with this proposed deal, they will get one step closer to solving such an important issue.

“Considering, especially in this town the premiums, which you pay for water, are very high,” said Aisquith.

“So, with the amount of money that the residents of Frankford are paying it just doesn’t seem fair that these issues happen or keep happening,” said Aisquith.

Town officials say there will be several meetings in the next few days for local business owners and residents to come out and share their thoughts before any final decision is made. They are encouraging everyone to attend the meetings because they believe these changes will affect town of Frankford water users.

We are told water rates for residents may stay the same or improve in the future if this proposal does move forward.

Officials say if they move forward with the proposal Frankford’s water system would integrate with Artesian’s Southern Sussex Regional System.

For more information about the proposal, click here.

If you’re interested in attending any one of the meetings, the town of Frankford has posted several dates on their Facebook page.

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