The Brightside: Man works to highlight Ocean City’s beauty

OCEAN CITY, Md. – Every year for the past six years, countless people have seen Ocean City through the eyes of a man named Bob Banach.

Banach rides up and down the boardwalk in Ocean City three to four times a week, filming videos for his Facebook group called Ocean City Cool.

Banach said, “Ocean City Cool is your virtual vacation.”

Ocean City Cool has exploded in popularity over the years. The group now has over 50,000 members, and the page has over 25,000 likes.

Banach said, “People love what I’m doing with Ocean City Cool.”

Banach started this group, after the pictures he was posting on his own personal page began getting a lot of attention.

Banach said, “I started that for my family and just sharing pictures and everybody started following and I said, ‘Oh no no, this was for my family.'”

Because his personal page got so popular, Banach started a public one for people to follow.

Banach said, “Called it Ocean City Cool for Ocean City cool pics and let’s share our cool pics about Ocean City.”

Over the years, Banach has used more than just his cellphone to highlight Ocean City’s beauty. Try three or four cameras.

Banach said, “I haven’t even started with the drone pictures yet, that’s one of the things I’d like to do.”

Banach is dedicated to his craft. He wakes up every morning before sunrise just to get the perfect shot for his followers.

Banach said, “Snowy days I’m out there even earlier!”

Because Banach is out and about so often, it’s hard for him to go anywhere without being recognized.

“I always try to leave a half hour earlier for an appointment just in case,” he said.

The best part of all of this is Banach’s photography has inspired others to start sharing their beautiful photos of Ocean City on social media as well.

Banach said, “People saw my pictures and what I was doing and they started their own groups.”

On top of that, it seems Banach’s videos that he takes riding down the boardwalk, showing people whats open have started attracting more people to the area.

Banach said, “I know lots more people are coming down to the beach than they used to.”

Banach says his greatest joy from all of this has been showing people that there is still a lot happening in Ocean City in the off season.

“Hopefully people are seeing that there’s a lot of stuff going on in the off season. It’s amazing how many people don’t know what’s going on here. Now they do,” he said.

Thankfully, it seems Banach has no plans to slow down any time soon.

Banach said, “There’s some cool stuff in this town and I love showing it to my readers.”

Banach sells calendars with his photographs on them. If you’re interested you can buy one by clicking here.

You can like the Ocean City Cool Facebook Page by clicking here.

You can apply to join the Ocean City Cool group by clicking here.

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