Tensions rise at Pocomoke City Hall meeting

POCOMOKE, Md.– Tuesday night a meeting held at Pocomoke City Hall started off peaceful, but turned for the worst in a blink of an eye.

The City Council at Pocomoke chose to adjourn because tempers couldn’t be controlled over whether or not the new city manager, Jeannette Delude, should have been hired.

That split is something that was also evident in the public.

Members of the Worcester County NAACP and the Coalition of Justice for Anton Black felt city leaders need to reconsider the hiring of Delude because they said the former Greensboro City manager was supportive of the officers in the Anton Black case.

“Our hope is that they oust her out, because she is not qualified to be in a public position where the public trust is in her to do a job well done,” Richard Potter, with the Coalition for Justice for Anton Black, said.

They claimed that Delude supported former Greensboro Police Chief Michael Petyo.

Recently, Petyo was found guilty of lying on paperwork to get a questionable officer who was involved in the Anton Black case hired, but Delude claims she never would have supported him had she known the truth.

“Anybody is going to trust their chief to do the right thing and give them the correct information, and that’s exactly what I did,” Jeannette Delude, Pocomoke City Manager, said.

What she said she’s hoping for now is a chance to prove that she has and will always do honest work. No matter who she is working for.

“I would love to get to know the people and have them get to know me before judging me and give me the opportunity to show them what I good person I am,” Delude said.

But before that decision is made, people for and against Delude agree that the council must first figure out where they stand.

“There’s a lot of work that needs to be done down here with the city council and especially the administrators as to how their functioning,” Potter said.

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