Sussex Academy solar panel project finished

GEORGETOWN, Del.- Sussex Academy is now running off renewable energy thanks to a recent project with Constellation.

Sussex Academy just installed over 2,000 panels on their campus.

The panels are located in the rear of the school and add to the existing solar panels on the schools pool building and gymnasium building.

We are told these new solar panels will allow the school to produce their own power, as well as save money down the line, setting a good example for students.

“Really focuses on solar energy with some experience that students will be able to use. They are also providing us with a display that we’ll have in our cafeteria so the students can see the savings that we are having on a daily, annually, or monthly basis,” Duncan Smith, Chief Operating Officer at Sussex Academy, said.

The school told us that there were no upfront costs for the project, as they were able to find grant money to fund it.

The project is projected to save the school about $29,000 dollars annually.

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