ShoreRivers implementing conservation projects

EASTON, Md.- Starting this month, ShoreRivers, a water quality organization will begin implementing conservation projects throughout Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

They’re going to be partnering up with others to help make this happen.

“Being able to partner with farmers partner, with a homeowner, and partner at the city level is not just addressing one type of pollution, but all the different factors that play into river health,” Suzanne Sullivan, Director of Outreach and Education at ShoreRivers, said.

One of ShoreRivers partners is the Maryland Department of Agriculture.

“We are particularly excited this year to be partnering with Maryland Department of Agriculture in a new partnership to bring those federal funds to work with farmers across the Eastern Shore,” Sullivan said.

The conservation projects ShoreRivers will be tackling this year include implementing stormwater action plans, modernizing outdated systems, and reducing pollution on the Eastern Shore.

“We’re gonna be working with farmland and our local farmers, a lot of those projects are free of cost to the farmers and involve stream restoration, improving soil health,” Sullivan said.

A farmer 47ABC spoke with said these projects will not only help people like him, but others throughout the shore.

“The conservation practices they benefit not just the farmers it benefits everybody because it keeps pollution out of the water ways,” Paul Hutchinson, a farmer, said.

Farmers said any help from the state is something they see as a positive and would like to see continue in the future.

“It would be nice I mean we done a lot of practices on our own without any help and it helps a great deal if we can do more if we get some funding from the state,” Hutchinson said.

ShoreRivers said this work is made possible through eight grants from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and Chesapeake Bay Trust.

Projects will begin in 2020 and culminate in 2022.

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