Salisbury’s future 12-story building, developers share progress


SALISBURY, Md. – Despite the cold, construction is moving along on the Ross Building in Downtown Salisbury.

The project is currently in the beginning stages of construction. Developer Nick Simpson says he wants to make this the tallest building in the city. On Monday, officials told 47 ABC that they’re also buying 144 East Main Street, the old Salisbury Chamber of Commerce building. That means the project is now expanding quite a bit and that spot will be developed into a six story property. In all there will be 80 apartments in the complex made up of two and four bedroom units, geared toward Salisbury University students.

“I see it as just one of the many dominoes in line and hopefully this really gives people a reason to come down and come to downtown. We think adding 276 bedrooms and students to downtown is going to be a big impact,” says Nick Simpson, the managing member of The Ross.

The project is now expected to wrap up by August 2021. It will feature an event space on the roof and 12th floor to incorporate the community more. There will also be two walking bridges: one to the top level of the parking garage and the other to the new six story building at 144 East Main Street.

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