Prince Street Elementary honors students at House Celebration

WICOMICO Co., Md. – On Friday, Prince Street Elementary School recognized fifteen students who have been working hard and listening to their teachers.

It was all part of their monthly House Celebration. If you’re not familiar, Prince Street has sorted its students into five houses with each house standing for a virtue that students should embody.

At these monthly House Celebrations, a few students from each house are nominated by teachers to spin the ‘Magic Wheel’ to get their House points.

Principal Jason Miller tells us all of this helps give students at the school a sense of community and inspires them to stay focused in class.

Miller said, “So we are one big school family at that celebration and we have healthy competitions between the houses. It’s a really special time for students to interact with other kids who aren’t necessarily in the same class or in the same grade.”

The house that gets the most points at the end of the year is rewarded. All students are split up into houses, kind of like Harry Potter.

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