Potential phone scam circulating Queen Anne’s County

Image: Queen Anne’s County Office of the Sheriff Facebook page

QUEEN ANNE’S CO., Md. – The Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office is warning the public of a potential phone scam circulating the area.

Officials say the caller in this scam claims to be a deputy employed by the Queen Anne’s Sheriff’s office, telling the victim that there’s an outstanding warrant for their arrest or an unpaid traffic citation that needs to be resolved. The scammer will try to obtain personal and financial information from the victim, or try to convince the victim to withdraw money from their bank and transfer it to a Google Play Card, Green Dot Card, or other means to transfer money without trace.

The caller may also try to intimidate the victim by telling them that police are on their way to arrest them if they don’t pay a particular fee. They may also have certain personal information about the victim, which may have been researched online, or from the victim’s social media accounts.

“As convincing as these callers may sound, our office will never ask for any form of payment to expel a warrant,” said Sheriff Hofmann.

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