Perdue Farms making big moves in the digital world

SALISBURY, Md.- Perdue farms is launching a new platform for consumers to buy their products and they are excited to finally make a digital presence and expand their company in a new way.

The company shared with the community Tuesday that they now offer a new e-commerce website to their shoppers, where consumers can choose from 100 different product. This direct-to-consumer space will allow the company to grow economically, as well as the city of Salisbury.

“The idea of getting into e-commerce is part of a broader digital strategy to get closer to the consumer and be closer partners with our retailers,” David Zucker, SVP of e-commerce at Perdue Farms, said.

47ABC is told this new website is expected to generate more revenue for the company, which Perdue said will likely benefit other businesses in the area as well.

“I think anything that adds to the benefit of Perdue is going to help the community, clearly more business here means probably more business locally,” Zucker said.

Brick-and-mortar stores are being considered in Perdue’s new e-commerce website as well.

“This idea that you’ll be able to come to the Perdue farms website, identify the items that you want and then we will take those items and we will transfer them into the digital experience of the retailers that you want to shop at, Zucker said.

This website isn’t the only new thing Perdue is offering,  the company is also introducing a new environmentally friendly packaging system when people order online.

The Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce believes that by entering the direct-to-consumer space this new website will benefit the overall community.

” E- commerce is not the wave of the future it’s here and Perdue is smart to jump on the wave and ride it,” Bill Chambers, with Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce said. “I think this could bring expansion opportunities for Wicomico County and Salisbury and Perdue company that already has a presence downtown,” Chambers said.

Perdue said through this site consumers can learn about how they raise their animals and the connections they have with local farmers.

The company also said customers who order online will receive a reusable shopping tote with their order, as well as a packet of seeds. 47ABC was told these seeds, if planted, would help the local pollinator population flourish.

Also, people who sign up to receive email updates from the website can get 10% off their first order.

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