New rental property bill in effect in Worcester County

Worcester County, Md.–People who rent out their properties Worcester County will now have to fork up a little more cash, due to a new bill that took effect Jan. 1, 2020.

The bill, known as Taxation and Revenue, is aimed towards anyone who is renting out a property for sleeping accommodations, including lots for mobile homes and single-family dwellings.

People who are renting out properties will now have to get a rental license from the Worcester County Government, something that hotels already have to do.

The hotel community said they are satisfied with the new bill that is making rental hosts pay $200 for short term rentals, like Airbnb’s, which is a little less expensive than a hotel rental license fee because it makes the playing field more even.

“It is very important to us that anyone who is renting a room in Worcester county play by the same rules of the hotel community, if you wanna be in the business then you have to be in the business,” Susan Jones, the executive director for the Hotel Motel Restaurant Association (HMRA) in Ocean City, said.

47ABC was told that applications for a rental license will generate additional revenue for the county.

Applications for a rental license will be available on January 13 on the Department of Development Review and Permitting website.

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