New initiatives and new funding to help farmers, PMT implementation

MARYLAND–The Maryland Department of Agriculture is looking to help farmers adapt as more fields are incorporated into the Phosphorus Management Tool.

If you’re not familiar, the PMT essentially regulates how much manure farmers can spread on their fields and where that manure will go, if it can’t be used.

To help farmers, the MDA is announcing seven new initiatives.

Here are some of them–

First, the MDA is looking to expand its manure transport program through state funding by $1 million dollars, but it’s not a guarantee that this will happen because it has to get approved by legislature.

Next, the department said they’re looking to build structures for manure storage.

In addition, the MDA said it’s looking to conduct a five-year study on the field science of PMT.

47ABC sat down with a farmer on the transition advisory committee and he said he wishes the committee told lawmakers in Annapolis what their top priority is before presenting all seven initiatives.

“I’m kinda disappointed the committee didn’t get back together and basically hash this out outside of that, it’s a good start, that’s all it is, it’s a start,” Virgil Shockley, Poultry and Crop Farmer, said.

On the other hand, Delmarva Poultry Industry responded to these initiatives saying they’re happy with the Department of Agriculture’s plans.

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