New aquaponics business takes shape in Dover

DOVER, Del. – A Delaware man will soon be producing crops in a more sustainable way.

Former special education teacher Douglas Wood has launched his own aquaponics operation in Dover.

Aquaponics essentially uses aquatic life like fish to help grow plants.

Wood will soon house about 5,000 fish and use their waste to grow four types of organic lettuce like Romaine.

He hopes to eventually sell his lettuce to restaurants and schools across Delaware and eventually grow tomatoes and other produce.

Wood tells us in about 30 to 60 days he should have around 500 plants ready to harvest.

He says his passion for the outdoors inspired him to start the business and his goal is to provide food that is not grown with pesticides or chemicals.

“Farming conventionally is still an awesome way to do things, but I think to come up with a premium micro product to grow indoors with no chemicals and no pesticides is going to be the future,” said Wood.

Wood tell us he hopes to invite students and families for tours at his operation in the future and he also plans to welcome interns at his business in the future as well.

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