Medical Marijuana in Delaware Homes

Growing marijuana at home, that’s what House Bill 243 could do for medical marijuana patients in Delaware.

If passed, the bill would make it legal for cannabis to be grown in the homes of medical marijuana patients, but that won’t come without restrictions.

“The Department of Health would be able to do inspections. Up to 2 a year on properties that are growing [marijuana], you can only grow for personal consumption and for two other patients,” says Senator Trey Paradee.

Officials tell 47 ABC that the current laws in place for medical patients in the state make it hard for them to access products needed for their treatment.

“The program fails to meet the needs of the patients, we hear everything from exorbitant costs of product and Cannabis and well as Unavailability for products and different stain availability,” says Executive Director of the Delaware Cannabis Advocacy Network, Zoe Patchell.

And while lawmakers in favor of this bill say its not perfect, they believe that it’s a small piece of help for those who need it.

“I don’t think everybody is going to be completely happy and there’s some folks out there that would like to see there not be any restrictions, no regulations but I think this is a good responsible first step,” says Senator Paradee.

Lawmakers tell 47 ABC that if the bill is passed they’ll revisit it in a few years to make any necessary changes.

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