Medical aid-in-dying bill reintroduced in MD legislative session

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – A bill that would give terminally ill adults the option to end their life, is being reintroduced in the Maryland General Assembly. If passed, mentally capable adults with six months or less to live would be able to get a doctor’s prescription for medication they can take if their suffering becomes unbearable. That medicine would allow them to die peacefully in their sleep. Lawmakers say during the last session, the Maryland Senate fell just one vote short of passing an amended version of the bill approved by the House of Delegates. But advocates say with new leaders in the House and Senate this year, they’re hopeful they’ll be able to get this legislation to Governor Larry Hogan’s desk.

“Last year I did vote in favor of the bill, and I am in the mindset that I probably will again do the same this year in 2020. Again, it’s about fine-tuning it for safeguards for our disability community safeguards for persons in general that want to make this as a choice,” said Delegate Sheree Sample-Hughes (D-District 37A).

Currently, a total of nine states have authorized medical aid in dying including California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, and Montana.


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