MD legislator looking into bill that would allow restaurants to store EpiPens for emergencies

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Senator Mary Beth Carozza says she’ll be introducing a bill to honor the late Chris Trimper, and hopefully save more lives. Trimper, of Ocean City’s Trimper’s Amusements, passed away back in October after having an allergic reaction to shellfish at a restaurant. Carozza tells 47 ABC the legislation would allow restaurants and other private entities to store EpiPens and train staff to use them on hand if needed. While Carozza says she still needs time to do more research before drafting the bill, she’s looking forward to hopefully putting a law in place to help those in emergency situations.

“It would be voluntary, not mandatory for these businesses to be able to have an EpiPen on the premises and I also think that it would be very important and I would require that you had the training to be able to use the EpiPen,” said Carozza.

Carozza adds that previous legislation like this has been introduced in the general assembly but have failed in the past. She also plans on finding out what some of the concerns were in previous years.

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