Maryland bill looks to loosen regulations and protect kids’ lemonade stands

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Maryland lawmakers are working on passing a bill that would make things a little bit easier for kids who want to sell lemonade. This legislation, known as House Bill 52, would prohibit a municipality, county, or local authorities from enforcing rules that would regulate the sale of lemonade by kids under the age of 18 on private property. Legislators say currently, a child who wants to sell lemonade would need to get a permit first. The bill, which is being sponsored by delegates Neil Parrott and Steve Johnson, is now headed to the committee floor for a vote.

“At some point enough is enough. Let’s let kids be kids let’s. Let them have fun, make a couple of dollars. We’ve seen it as fundraisers in the past and we’d like to see it that way again,” said Delegate Carl Anderton (R-District 38B).

A committee hearing for this bill is scheduled for Tuesday, January 28th, starting at 1 PM.

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