Immanuel Shelter serving 22 people, more space needed to serve homeless

REHOBOTH, Del.- The Immanuel Shelter started offering motel rooms to folks that are homeless a few days before Christmas, and now with the amount of people they are serving there they are worried they can’t afford to take more.

This is the first year that the shelter had to really focus on motels as the solution.

They already have 22 people that they are serving and they anticipate the number to grow as the weather gets colder, but the shelter does not know how much longer they can afford this service with their budget, and they are hoping that a proposal for the old Troop 7 building could help with temporary shelter.

“I’m sure you’ve probably heard about the efforts that are going on to allow us the use of Troop 7 as a temporary shelter at least through the middle of March, we’re really looking forward to see how that plays out,” Don Peterson, Board Member of the Immanuel Shelter, said.

The shelter said they may have to start prioritizing who can be in the motels and who can’t be, but this is an issue they are taking care of on a day to day basis and hopefully will be able to find a solution for soon.

The Immanuel Shelter said they are grateful for the volunteers that have made hot meals to guests since last Monday.

If you want to help the shelter or want more information on the Immanuel Shelter, you can contact them at (888) 643-9992.

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