Harris requests more H-2B visa workers

MARYLAND – As seafood industries across Delmarva are begging the federal government for more H-2B visa workers, Congressman Andy Harris is now getting involved.

On Monday, Congressman Harris, along with 188 other lawmakers, wrote a letter requesting nearly 65,000 more visas. The letter was written by both democratic lawmakers and republicans.

Harris says H-2B visas are critical for the Eastern Shore, as our seafood industry relies on them each and every year.

“Americans used to do the jobs, but Americans no longer do those jobs, and we need temporary workers if we’re going to take advantage of all the crabs that we can harvest,” Congressman Harris said.

And its not just the congressman who has spoken out about this. 47 ABC sat down with those in the industry last week to talk about the issue. For that coverage, click here.

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