Governor Hogan introduces legislation to return school start to after Labor Day

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – The debate continues on whether or not students should go back to school before or after labor day. This all comes after Governor Larry Hogan announced that he was introducing the Universal School Start Act of 2020. On Wednesday. Governor Hogan revealed the new bill which would require Maryland public schools to start after Labor Day, and “End the mass confusion of having Maryland’s counties each starting on different dates.” Hogan says the confusion all started after the General Assembly overturned his 2016  executive order, requiring schools to not begin classes before the holiday. Local lawmakers tell 47ABC they believe this is the right move for the state economy wise.

“These are meaningful propositions that add money to our general fund revenue. The bottom line is it’s good for a business, but it’s also good for the state as we are struggling to find ways to pay for the significant changes to education,” said Delegate Chris Adams (R-District 37B).

In a statement following his announcement, Governor Hogan said, “The Universal School Start Act will repeal the legislature’s 2019 misguided bill and return our state to what the citizens actually want and have been demanding for years.”


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