Governor Carney announces $50M to go toward cleaner water

DOVER, Del. – The entire state of Delaware could soon have cleaner water, and it’s all thanks to a big proposal made by Governor John Carney and other lawmakers on Tuesday.

“One of the things that is unique about the evolution of this issue is that it has included all of the issues that up to this point were siloed off as drainage, waste water systems, and water systems,” Governor Carney said.

So on Tuesday, Governor Carney, along with other lawmakers and environmental workers, proposed $50 million to address water concerns in the state of Delaware.

“$50 million is a lot of money and we have a lot of needs, both on the water side, and the waste water side, and the drainage side,” Governor Carney said.

But tackling all of those different water systems is essential to getting to the root of any water issue.

“They’re all connected, and they affect the quality of our waterways, our groundwater, and they’re, like I said, all connected,” Governor Carney said.

Tuesday’s announcement will specifically target some key areas throughout Delaware that have been hard to service in the past.

“It’s those residents who don’t have the wherewithal, they’re not connected to a city system or a town system that are much more difficult and much more expensive,” Governor Carney said.

And even though some residents may not know their systems are connected, Governor John Carney says that can pose major issues.

“If you’re out there and you have an individual well, you have an individual septic system and when you just turn on the water you expect water to come out, it’ll be clean, you don’t think about your septic, well guess what, they’re connected,” Governor Carney explained.

With at least $50 million now allotted to face these water issues head on, Governor Carney says he’s proud of the work his team has done.

“We’ve made, we didn’t speak about it much today, but we’ve made a lot of progress, i look back at my report from 1993, we’ve come a long way from 1993, but we still got a lot of work to do,” Governor Carney said.

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