Farmers can look forward to new UMES building

PRINCESS ANNE, Md.- An idea that’s been in the works for nearly 15 years is now becoming reality at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

The University is going to be building a brand new agriculture research facility on their campus that could have a great impact on the local agriculture industry.

“It’s a very exciting new development that allows us to continue growing and expand, to be effective in supporting our community, our students, and the well being of the region where we are, Dr. Moses Kairo, Dean of the school of Agricultural and Natural Sciences, said.

Officials said this new research complex is necessary because their existing agriculture facilities are getting too old.

“Our facilities for agricultural research and education is getting aged at the same time we are getting newer challenges that require different types of laboratories to be able to address them effectively, Kairo said.

47ABC was told the new complex will provide research, teaching, and extension services not only to students, but to local farmers as well.

“The kind of research that’s going to be going on this building is going to be directly relevant to and really should be driven by farmers and what farmers need to solve their problems,” Kairo said.

There will be at least four new laboratories in the complex that will help solve problems that impact farming.

“A simple thing might be climate change for example, even issues of dealing with challenges ensuring that water remains safe,” Kairo said.

Some farmers told us the research that UMES has done so far has been great, but they feel this new facility will greatly improve that research in the future.

“It could save a crop, if you saved a crop you saved a farmer,” Eddie Johnson, retired farmer, said.

UMES said the building will cost about $14 million dollars to build, but they did receive a grant from the US Department of Agriculture to help.

The college said they still have some planning to do for the building, but they hope to move forward with everything by the end of the month.

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