Eastern Shore legislators breakdown goals for 2020 legislative session

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – We’re just hours away from the start of Maryland’s 2020 legislative session, and it’s sure to be an interesting one, as state senators and delegates look up to new leaders for the first time in more than 10 years.

“I’m very excited about this monumental shift in power because I see it as an opportunity. There’s no playbook right now,” said Senator Mary Beth Carozza (R)-District 38.

As we enter yet another chapter in Maryland’s legislative session, many lawmakers are viewing this year as a fresh start now that two familiar faces, Delegate Adrienne Jones and Senator Bill Ferguson, are set to take on their new roles as House Speaker and Senate President.

“It’s kind of refreshing in some ways to have such new players,” said Senator Addie Eckardt (R)-District 37.

This year, all eyes will be on the General Assembly to see if they’ll be able to pass a law creating a new funding formula for public schools following the Kirwan Commissions recommendations. But the price tag that comes with it has Eastern Shore legislators on their toes.

“We have to make sure the funding formula is fair to Worcester County and two other shore counties,” said Carozza.

Carozza and Eckardt also have their own plans to help enhance the Eastern Shore this year. Including passing legislation that would provide incentives to health care providers to work in our local communities and hospitals.

“If we can get more practitioners who treat brain disease and substance abuse disorder that’s really good,” said Eckardt.

Governor Larry Hogan also unveiled his plans to hold leaders accountable this session following another wave of indictments against Maryland officeholders this past year.

“I am introducing the ethics and accountability in government act of 2020. Which will strengthen and toughen state ethics laws in an effort to help restore the public’s trust,” said Hogan.

And although they’ve got a lot of work ahead local lawmakers say they’ll do everything they can to pass legislation that will enhance the quality of life on the eastern shore.

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