Dover mayor introduces new police chief

DOVER, Del. – After a nationwide search Upper Darby Police Captain Thomas Johnson Jr. was selected to be Dover’s new police chief.

“All I can do is let everybody know this is to me an incredible honor and I’m going to treat it like an incredible honor,” said Johnson.

22 applicants applied for the position, but it was Johnson who got the job.

Mayor Robin Christiansen says the captain’s extensive background in police operations caught the attention of city officials and the Mayor hopes Johnson will continue to grow what Chief Marvin Mailey left behind.

“We looked high and low and we really were meticulous in our deliberations to choose a person to replace Marvin,” said Christiansen

“Not to replace him, but to continue Marvin’s work,” said Christiansen

When asked about how he will handle Dover’s recent uptick in violence Johnson says, “I’m an emergency manager, so I understand that recurrent problems have a life cycle, so we kind of just have to get in the way of that life cycle.”

“Be a disrupting force that way there’s permanent solutions rather than just quick fixes.”

And, Johnson adds, he will be working with the community to gain their trust.

“If they just give me a few minutes and if we can have good conversations and we can get on the same page, we’re going to do some good things together,” said Johnson.

Johnson says although he is not from Delaware Dover already feels like home and he adds the people around him are already making his new transition a whole lot easier.

“I’m not quite sure why I was given such an opportunity for such a smooth transition to an environment that I’m already so comfortable in,” said Johnson.

We are told Captain Johnson comes from the largest municipal agency in Delaware County. He has also won multiple awards for his service in the past.

Captain Johnson say is expected to start his new position before Valentine’s Day.

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